Art Lessons and Workshops

I give private and group painting lesson and workshops.

Zoom Online Painting Lessons

My son and I have started up Zoom online painting lessons for those that want to learn from the comfort of their home. These art lessons are geared for beginner to intermediate skill levels. They are 3-hour-long painting classes. The "paint along with me" projects will be 1 to 4 lessons long with a critique time afterwards.  Click Here For Online Classes

Online Painting Lesson Classes

Private Painting Lessons

Private Painting Lessons

I have been asked if I give private lessons. The answer is yes. Over the years I have had several clients arrange for private oil painting lessons, and due to past experiences I have come up with fees and guidelines.

Fees and Guidelines:
  1. I only give private lessons on week days between 10am to 4pm.
  2. The fee is $130 per 2 hour lesson.
  3. Client must prepay 4 lessons in advance ($520).
  4. If the client misses a lesson there is no make-up.
  5. If I cancel a lesson there will be a make-up.

Group Art Classes
(Oil Painting Classes)

I teach group lessons at The Creative Arts Center Of Dallas (Beginners and intermediate to advanced painting from photos). For more information please contact the CAC.

Creative Arts Center of Dallas, Inc.

2360 Laughlin Dr., Dallas, TX 75228
PH: (214) 320-1275

Group Art Oil Painting Classes

Painting Demonstration

Creative Arts Center
Group Art Oil Painting Classes


I also do workshops throughout the year. For more information on when and where these will be held click here.
Workshop - Color Theory
Workshop - Digital Photography for Artists
Workshop - Photoshop Elements
Workshop - Life Casting
Workshop - Mold Making and Casting

If you would like me to do a workshop for your group please contact me with all the details.



September 21, 2021
Special Event

Basic Supply List | Zoom Set-Up Help Page | Bulk Lesson Discount Rate1 Year or more painting experience recommended....

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First Timers

First Timers

This video is for first time oil painters. Paint along with Dave as he goes over some basics to help you feel more comfortable with oil painting. Then sign up for one of his online zoom classes.

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